One of the things I love to write about is hypersensitivities. As in… being sensitive to certain fabrics, smells, lights and more. Little is written about this and it's a shame, because most women don't realize that ADHD and hypersensitivities often go together.

And it's not just in women; it's our ADD kiddos too who have meltdowns because of sensory overload. For many of us, it takes YEARS to figure out that clothes with tags make our kids grumpy. Or that wearing panty hose puts us over the top agitated. Or that we can hear the humming of the refrigerator in the next room. Or that we can't tolerate what my daughter calls, "mouth noises."

Does anyone else hate wearing nail polish? I swear, it feels like my fingers weigh 10 pounds each when I put it on. So I no longer do.

So here's my tip of the day: stop fighting! If you hate wearing makeup, either stop wearing it or only put it on when you have to. If your kids are squirming all day because they can't tolerate wearing jeans, give them sweat pants!

I highly recommend the book, "Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are Se...", by Sharon Heller. Read it and I promise you'll feel so much better, knowing you aren't alone.

Also, check out my article on this topic HERE

What makes your nerves shatter? Wool? Telephones ringing? Certain odors? Do tell!

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Comment by Cecilia on January 31, 2010 at 4:18pm
Oh dear, oh dear! I'm not alone! Motion sickness is something I have dragged along my whole life. We used to live in Spain when I was a kid, I'm swedish by the way, and my dad couldn't handle flights so every summer we travelled to Sweden we went in the car. I slept through France and Germany and the rest of Europe 28 times!
Light is another issue. I bought 2 hanging lamps for the kitchen window but couldn't find light bulbs with the RIGHT shine. Until I discovered the ones in the fridge! I can't listen to the radio anymore and very seldom put music on. When and if I do I've discovered a radio channel with hard rock music and that makes me relaxed. How weird is that?
I can't just sit and watch the telly without having a cross word in front of me and hate when people come to the house without previous notice. The children's friends are ok though. Certain music drives me nuts, can't stand David Bowie or techno. My heart starts pounding and I sweat on my upper lip. I can't wright by hand, on the second sentence it's unreadable. I can't do anything that takes more than 5 minutes, I loose interest and I get bored. I'm hyper all the time and can't relax, not even on gunpoint!
I'm always late for appointments, if I show up at all. I avoid standing in a queue waiting for my turn. I faint right on the spot! True. I could make the list as long as from here to Canada with all my issues.
Comment by silverwings002 on January 7, 2010 at 10:38am
I didn't relate motion sickness to when I was aboard the ship [in the Navy], as most get seasick to some degree, but I bet it was sensitivity. As a child I couldn't stand the smells at gas stations! Ooooh! I do hate sticky hands, but I worse is when my hands are wet and I have to touch something really dry, like paper. [shudders] I used to get a lil dizzy as a child- like a head rush- and I'd see spots, but I never blacked out. Even in boot camp when my vision went out like an old tv being turned off. I can't stand having my nails any length, I have to cut them, esp. for typing. They just bother me, but nailpolish kinda helps them - protecting them. I used to like my shoes tied really really tight as a child. I still prefer things snugand continually readjust things [clothes, etc., even things I"m only looking at] to keep it snug. I don't need absolute tight anymore. Always always cold. Love zipup sweaters/sweatshirts. Love blankets. Love the idea of snuggies...Cannot hear over a tv, or someone else talking, or alot of background noise when trying to hear someone talking, so I love the phone, in that respect. Though I'm not big on talking, or didn't used to be. I prefer writing cuz I'm good at it. Communicate better with it. I CANNOT stand a baby crying, was why I was so attentive as a young parent. Or screaming, yelling is okay. Certain noises drive me nuts, certain noises soothe me [like dress shoes on cement or gym floor]. Dry paper scratching drives me nuts. Or running nails over dry papery things. Sometimes I need background noise to concentrate or motivate me, most of the time, but sometimes I need absolute quiet [with lotsa kids, never happens lol]. When I was a child, I would get all this itching when I'd go to bed, esp. my legs, and I couldnt settle down. Had to find the right spot, over and over, and then I'd sleep like the dead. My skin is always itchy and has very strange sensations sometimes. I have very sensitive nerves [tho nowhere near as bad as the oldest] , so a mate's light romantic touches irritate the h*ll outta me. BUT I looooooove my scalp touched/massaged. It was when I fell in love once. I do very well with the deepest massages people can give. It helps to relax tremedously. 'Cracking' things [back, knuckles, ankles] relieves so much tension. I love the hottest showers I can handle, skin turns red, even tho get dizzy sometimes.Hate saunas, make me suffocate and itchy a bit. Scared of heights,scared of depths, cannot handle head under water, hated roller coasters until older. [The sickening drop] Sometimes I need my shoes off tho, need to relax. Have always always always been very tired. Sleepy. Want naps all the time. Extra irritable if dont get 8 hours, and that aint enough for whole day.Couldnt stand the taste of anything strong as a child; 'bland' food tasted great to me! Pizza helped so much to get used to onions, mushrooms, peppers, etc. STill dont particularly like spicy foods, I say "cant handle mild sauce at Taco Bell". Even need sour cream for just the taco sauce on the tacos! And I could only handle that as an adult. Was a huge chocoholic until first pregnancy. Never craved salt until second [liked it, didnt crave it]. Certain materials and sights relax me. Dont like bunches of words together on one surface. I steer clear of cell phone ads. Wheres Waldo was a nightmare to look at. Those dotted art with pictures inside of them? Headache. I hate looking at clocks without numbers [ditials are fine] or with the numbers slanted or artsy. Hurst my eyes.
Any ways , this was a conglomerate of probably most things that my nervous system reacts to. I find I do get immunity from things the longer I am exposed to them tho, esp. in certain doses done a ceratin way. It sounds like you guys dont??
Comment by Terry Matlen on August 6, 2009 at 3:49pm
I know. It's like...we should keep a tip sheet on us to hand to people that don't get it.
Comment by SoCali on August 6, 2009 at 3:03pm
Can't agree more. The NON ADDers have no idea what a challange each day is for us in this regards and it is hard for me to Not feel crazy & Not beat myself up over it because I can't seem to get anything done easily.
Comment by Terry Matlen on July 21, 2009 at 4:02pm
Don't you hate it when you finally find socks or whatever that you like and then can't find them again? Grrrrrrrr.
I hate going barefoot inside or outside. These hypersensitivities are fascinating.
Comment by Karen on July 21, 2009 at 1:42pm
I too am very sensitive to smells of all kinds-which sometimes can be an allergy. I also have to have my bedroom pitch black and dead silent to sleep-not as easy as it sounds! And I've had food allergies. I found NAET treatments eliminated my allergic reactions. The same acupuncturist used NET to treat me for "white noise" sensitivity at night, and I think it was successful.
Comment by Helen on July 15, 2009 at 12:07pm
omg... I can relate to so many of these things , socks is a issiue with me to although i have to wear them in the house i cant be bare footed , unless i have done all my house work and my house is imaculte (which i never lol or rare) but i have to wear certain socks that are very comfy usualy my sons , if what im wearing on my feet dosent feel right then i cant concentrate on anything but how my feet feel and i get myself in a state. Same with underwear and i cant do chores unless i have a certain pair of pj bottoms on , if i cant find this pair then just nothing is happening lol.
I dont like it if its to sunny or to cold , i dont cope with tempriture changes very well, i have to sleep with a heavy duvet even in the heat of summer. I cant cope with darkness at all i fly into panic , often supermarkets are to much to bear and i become very anxios often dizzy experience blurred vission. Theres just to many people and there all looking its to hot to noisy and how will i upack all this shopping when i get home , the kids are talking to much while im trying to add up , you start sweating and panicking and im convinced everyone in the supermarket is looking at me and thinking im crazy, parents evenings sports days school events almost cause me to hyperventilate lol.
Latley ive become very senstive to noise , while i enjoy listening to my music, i dont like the loud niose of the hoover or sudden noises, when the phone rings i jump, and i cant cope with any backgroud noise EVER while on the phone lol.
I dont like wearing makeup unless its really neccassay, or jeans to feel to restricing on my skin , although i always wear underwear for bed otherwise i truley belive i will wet myself during the night although i never have done this lol.

The socks thing is so funny to read though because i have only about four pairs of socks i like to wear and i feel when i have them on then i can go about what i need to do (to some extent) if i cant find them i just cant get things done lol , ive started to call them my motivational socks! :/ . I never thought other people experinced things like this nor did i ever think i would admit it lol.
Comment by Jo on July 15, 2009 at 2:51am
so am I...I knew I had these quirks but had never put them down to add...
Comment by Terry Matlen on July 14, 2009 at 11:52pm
Hi Jo!
Welcome to the sensory club. I'm finding all of this fascinating...
Comment by Jo on July 14, 2009 at 10:02am
WOW!!! where do I even start...I relate to a lot of what everyone else has said...

In summer I sleep with the doona on, I hate having nothing over me,
I can never seem to get to bed early...I stay up till 2-3am and back up at 7.30
I hate my bra anything tight around my waist...I get home and off comes the bra and on go the jarmie pants
I cant get to sleep with no noise but have to have tv and dvd with a timer coz I can't stand the lights on in the night

Eve...I love loud music too but my adhd son hates it...we are going to see Greenday in December...I want to be in the mosh pit and he wants seats...LOL (we got seats)

Judie...the inside corners of socks drive me crazy too...

I love the sun but cant stand the glare...I wear big sunnies all year round

I cant cope with anything up around my neck and absolutely hate wearing layers of clothes in winter...i turn the heater up and wear t-shirts a lot...lOl

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