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An Evening with Terry Matlen: Let’s Talk about Women with ADHD- Together! (plus Q/A) Oct. 8, 2015

An Evening with Terry Matlen: Let’s Talk about Women with ADHD- Together! (plus Q/A)

When: Thursday, Oct. 8, 2015 at 9pm-10pm EST

Where: Online! …


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Join me tonight (Monday Sept. 28) at 7pm EST for my webinar: Stop the Chaos! Everyday Management Tips for MOMS WITH ADHD. It's FREE@PsychCentral

Register now at:…


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Ways to Connect with Me!

Please sign up for my newsletter to get all the updates on ADHD in a friendly, informal way by signing up at…


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Win an Autographed Copy of My New Book!

WIN an autographed copy of my new book, "The Queen of Distraction: How Women with ADHD Can Conquer Clutter, Find Focus, and Get More Done." Enter HERE! …


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7 Days Left to Clear the Clutter with Me! (Special Savings)

The Queens of Distraction Labor Day Special!



I'm Terry…


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ADD and the Suitcase: Procrastination and your ADD Brain

I have a confession to make.

Ten days ago, I returned from our family vacation. And I've yet to unpack my filled suitcase, which is still sitting on my bedroom floor. Every morning when I wake up, I look at it and make a mental note…


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Terry and Martha Stewart: ADHD Holiday Throw Down

Tis the season to get stressed out with everything we need to do to prepare for the holidays. I take on Martha to put on the nicest holiday spread.

Who won?

Find out at …


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Join the Queens of Distraction!

                          The Queens of Distraction!

My exclusive private group for women with ADHD has launched! Are you in?

Hang out with Queen Bee of Distraction and ADHD expert/author, Terry Matlen, along with your fellow ADHD Queen Bees-  work with me and your peers to knock out the problems that trip…


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ADD Q&A Party with Terry Tonight! Join me and win prizes!

We’re having an ADD PARTY tonight and you are invited!

Join me at 9pm EST tonight (8-8-13) for “Pick Terry’s Brain” Q & A Party and Contest!

I’ll keep this short. Brief.

You’ve probably…


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Join Me Tomorrow (Tues, Nov 13) for a Moms with ADD Q and A


Would you like to meet me online for a fun and personal Q and A? If so, here's the scoop:

Join me tomorrow, Tuesday, November 13 from 1pm- 2pm EST ( 12-1pm CST and 10am-11am PST). ADDitude Magazine is offering webinars to celebrate ADD Awareness…


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Surefire Strategies That Don’t Work for ADHD – And Some That Do

By   of PsychCentral.com

Note: I'm quoted throughout this article

Knowing what…


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Dr. Ari Tuckman Offers 4 week program: Understand your Brain, Get more Done


Understand Your Brain, Get More Done- 4 week virtual program with Dr. Ari Tuckman starts this Wed, June 6 at ADD Classes. Check it out HERE  …


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ADD Coaching for $1?? Check out my new ADD Action Team!


I am excited to announce the launch of the ADD Action Team, a new, innovative and cost-effective online service to help adults with ADHD. 

Are you sick of being disorganized, overwhelmed and frustrated? Are…


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7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays when your Nerves are Already Shot

Last week, I recorded a show (to be aired later this month) for Tara McGillicuddy's ADHD Support Talk Radio show, speaking on the topic of ADHD and Hypersensitivities. As we were talking, it became very clear that this time of year can be most challenging for those of us who, along with our ADHD, experience tremendous difficulties with sensory overwhelm. And it makes…


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Terry Matlen's Webinar: Survival Tips for Women with ADHD WED DEC 7

Join me tonight (Wed) at 8:00pm EST for a unique, exciting and fun hour where I will be presenting a life webinar on "Survival Tips for Women with ADHD" at the wonderful www.ADDresources.org site.

I will be talking about the special challenges women with ADD face and offer tons of tips to make your life…


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Terry's Top 20 Gifts for Kids and Adults with ADHD

It's here! My 2011 hand picked list of great gifts for kids and adults with ADHD. Check it out HERE

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Sewing and Cooking and ADHD, Oh My!

Ten million years ago, when I was in Junior High School, I was forced to take the dreaded Home EC classes. I must have known early on that I'd need a decent career, since I'd never cut it as a homemaker. Cooking was a nightmare. I clearly remember being given the smallest kitchen in the smallest cubby with students who, like me, didn't know the difference between a teaspoon and a teacup. We were given the assignment of making chocolate chip cookies and it…


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Join me for a Q and A Wed, Oct 19 , 9:30pm EST on Women with ADHD


In honor of ADHD Awareness Week, I'll be offering a live Q and A on Wed Oct 19 at 9:30pm EST on "Women with ADHD" free- in my chat room at http://www.MomsWithADD.com/chat . If you have a question or would…


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Terry and the Mac Attack

A few months ago- back in May to be exact- I made the big move. No, not from Michigan to Hawaii (I wish). Nor did I decide to run a marathon (though I am up to two miles/day at an impressive 18 minute per mile). I'm not running for public office. I didn't learn how to cook an exotic meal like Coriander Meatloaf With Cilantro Pesto, Tomato Jam And Grilled Zucchini And Onions – I can barely pull together a simple meatloaf; nor did I sign up for baton lessons. What I…


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Do Mouth Noises, Lawnmowers and Dripping Water Drive you Crazy?

Have you ever had the urge to smack someone because they're smacking their lips while eating?

Have you ever felt like you were going to lose your mind at the sound of dripping water in the next room?

Does the sound of gum chewing, humming, crinkling bags, ticking clocks trigger the urge to put your fist through a wall?

Guess what? You aren't…


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