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Join me Tomorrow for "Parenting with Distractions" FREE Teleseminar

Hi all!

Please join me tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan 26) as I present a free teleseminar titled, "Parenting with Distractions", 9pm EST at .

Are you and your family overwhelmed with the daily chaos, from getting kids off to school, to managing piles and piles of messes?

How does a parent who struggles with disorganization, time management, procrastination,… Continue

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When Kids Can't Sleep, YOU Can't Sleep

Kids with ADHD often have trouble falling asleep. And mine is no different. She’s been on sleep meds for many years and though they sedate her, she fights the sensation and becomes even more hyperactive. At her last doctor’s visit, the psychiatrist suggested a trial of Intuniv, a new medication for ADHD. We’re on our second week and second dose increase, so I’ll let you know how… Continue

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The Organized Purse

Wow, how cool is this? It's the first purse I've ever seen with all built-ins! Organize all your stuff in this fashionable Butler Bag purse. No more digging for stuff.

Check it out… Continue

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Embarrassing To-Do Lists

Face it. We all have items on our To-Do lists that should have been done days ago. Weeks ago. Or in my case, 1 ½ years ago.

Sitting right this very minute, on my kitchen counter, is a plaque which reads, “My Beloved Pet.” That plaque doesn’t belong in the kitchen; it belongs in my backyard where our beloved dog, Annie, was buried a year ago in June, after struggling for months with a horrific heart… Continue

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Taming the Hurricane of Inertia

Shell Shocked by the Holidays?

I am.

The back to back festivities, filled with food, family and long weekends, have thrown me for a loop. While my kids were out of school, we talked about movies, getaways, gatherings and all sorts of things. In between and following the holidays, I had two weeks of fairly unstructured time, too, where I had planned on organizing my workspace (a true work in progress),… Continue

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What about “Last” Year’s Resolutions??

Last year, just at this time, I wrote an article listing my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions. It was the first year I’d ever made such a list because I’d always felt it was a silly thing to do. Especially for people like me who tend to forget such lofty goals within a week or two. Funny how ADHD can express itself, eh?

Here’s what I listed in my article last year:

1. Expand my social life by re-connecting with old friends and working… Continue

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Don’t Worry: Last Minute Gifts are Here!

So we’re counting down the final days. Three days till Christmas and all is well.

Or is it?

If you’re still fretting over last minute gifts, I have good news for you. You can still get something special delivered for the holidays. No sweat, I promise!

Check out these *very* last minute items that will get there in time. Today, tomorrow, Thursday and even in some cases, Christmas… Continue

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The Things We Carry: Artists Confront Compulsive Hoarding

Since we're all super busy with the holidays and everything you read about IS about the holidays, I thought I'd pass on this interesting article about an artist who had a fascinating show in NYC documenting all the things that were contents in his mother's house. She was a compulsive hoarder and this show gives one an idea of just how serious this problem is.…


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I'm in Love

...with this!

No jewelry or cookware for this gal! My husband got this extremely cool NeatDesk Desktop Scanner and Digital Filing System as my holiday gift this year and I couldn't be happier.

Now, instead of scrambling for my important papers, I'll scan them and file them on my computer for easy access. It scans business cards, receipts and documents. And it's… Continue

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Join me Today at 1:00 pm (EST) for CHADD's Monthly Ask the Expert Online Chat: Surviving the Holidays

Hi all,

Stop what you're doing right now and come join me at 1pm EST today (Dec. 16) at the CHADD's monthly Ask the Expert online chat. I'll be taking your questions on the topic of How to Get Through the Holidays When You or/and Your Family Have ADHD.

To join the chat, please click HERE at 12:45 pm (EST) and follow the instructions on that page. This is an… Continue

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What NOT To Do If You Have ADHD

In my last post, I talked about what NOT to do to prepare for the holidays if you have ADHD. One of my readers responded that it was refreshing to read a list of what NOT to do instead of what TO do, because she, as most of us, are overwhelmed with all the things we need to do but find hard to accomplish. That ADHD just keeps getting in the way.

So to expand on the idea of what NOT to do, in general, here is my… Continue

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Terry’s Top 10 List of Survival Tips for the Holidays

I am getting a ton of ADD related newsletters, telling me how to survive the holidays. They all have great suggestions, too. Like starting a to-do list. Prioritizing. Remembering the real reason behind the holidays. Delegating chores. Hiring someone to clean the house. Etc etc.

But I’m tired of reading the same ol’ same ol’. So today, I’m sharing my list of what NOT to do to prepare for the holidays if you have ADHD:

10. Don’t buy a single can of pumpkin… Continue

Added by Terry Matlen on November 30, 2009 at 10:33pm — 18 Comments

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