Time Management

Franklin Planner Kit

You promised yourself you'd start using a planner. This one is THE classic and it contains everything you need to get started. You may want to upgrade to a leather binder.

  • 12 months of dated Original Daily Planning Pages
  • 12 months of dated Original Monthly Calendar Tabs
  • Personal Management Section that Includes:
    • 5 years of Future Planning Calendar
    • Address/Phone Tab and Pages
    • Planner Guide Tab and Pages
    • Values, Goals and Mission Statement Planning Forms and Tabs
      ...and much more

Terry Says: I’ve used their planners for years and they are top quality. Watch for sales, too!

Bath Clock

Keep track of time in the shower! This water-resistant wall clock will help keep you on track. Features a suction cup for easy installation on almost any smooth surface, making it perfect for the bathroom, kitchen - even a locker! Shatter-resistant, too. Clear white frame with easy-to-read black numbers around the dial. Measures 3.625" diameter x 1"D. Battery not included.

Terry Says: Keep an eye on the clock while you’re showering. Great time management tool.


Ok, folks. You've tried them all- multiple alarm clocks. Bed-shaking gizzmos. But you STILL can't get up in the morning. This sneaky alarm clock runs and hides when you don’t wake up!

  • He’ll give you 0–9 min. of snooze time, then jump up to 3’ off a nightstand and roll in circles while alarming
  • Loud 80 dB alarm beeps in a random pattern while the screen flashes for a total sensory awakening
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included) and features an early low-battery warning—average battery life is 6–8 mos.
  • Remove the wheels if you want Clocky to stay put

Terry Says: Waking up can be fun if you have to race to turn off the alarm clock!

Invisible Clock Vibrating Reminder

The Invisible Clock is an assistive device that works great for medication reminders, meeting timer, exercising and literally hundreds of other activities when a flexible timer is needed. The unit has 12 daily alarms that can be set for specific times. This provides you with flexibility in alerting you or your child to perform a specific task when a specific interval is not practical. Alternately, the unit allows you to choose a specific interval when it is more convenient. In fact, you can choose both.

Terry Says: A discrete way to remember your meds, appts., etc. One of my best sellers.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus VN-4100PC Digital Voice Recorder

  • Robust and versatile digital voice recorder with USB PC link
  • Up to 144 hours recording time; 256 MB internal flash memory
  • Organize and store recordings in four separate folders
  • Specify particular point in recording or playback with index marks for easy reference
  • 25-hour battery life

Terry Says: Remember where you parked, homework assignments due, creative ideas and more.

Reizen Vibrating Five Alarm Pill Box

This pillbox helps you organize your daily pills and reminds you with audible and/or vibrating alarms up to five times a day. The alarms are so advanced; they even have a snooze button. Key-lock function prevents accidental trigger. Compact design for easy carrying in pocket or purse. Large LCD display with LED backlight and a pulse meter for pulse rate monitoring. No reset is required, so you never forget to take your medicine again! Pillbox is powered by one CR2025 battery (included) and one AAA battery (not included). Size: 3-1/4" dia.

Terry Says: No more forgetting your meds! Organizes pills and reminds you to take them.

Shake Awake Vibrating Alarm Clock

Do you have a hard time waking up in the morning? Have you given up on alarm clocks? Never be late again for work or school! The Vibrating Alarm clock will get you moving every morning! Small enough to fit under your pillow or mattress. The vibrations gently increase until you wake, leaving everyone else asleep! Shake Awake® is the world's new and innovative vibrating alarm clock. This incredible device is already making it easier for the 28 million Americans who experience some degree of hearing loss. Shake Awake"®'s unique design is stylish, portable and simple to use.

Terry Says: For when all else fails. It literally shakes you awake. No more rushed mornings.

VibraLITE 3 Vibration Watch (Blue Denim Band)

Glamour and fashion are yours when you wear this trendy vibrating watch with a blue denim band! As functional as it is beautiful, this Vibration Watch with Auto Reset Countdown Timer automatically resets to your preset time each time it reaches zero. Use for personal reminders as often as you need with no resetting (medication or medical conditions, time management, self regulation, keeping focused, timing presentations, appointments, tests, procedures, cooking, parking, etc.) This smart watch lets you choose from vibrations, beeping, both or off. Easy-to-press function buttons makes setting easy. Comes with CR2032 battery, complete instructions and an attractive gift box.

Terry Says: Stay on task, remember to take meds, and lots more. Great for all ages.

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