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Nightwave Sleep Assistant

ADHD = hyperactive brain = trouble falling asleep

Solution... NightWave Sleep Assistant sits on your bedstand and guides you in a special pre-sleep relaxation session in the privacy of your own bedroom. It is the first sleep-assisting device that silently helps the user adjust his or her breathing rhythm to a pattern that delivers relaxation and ultimately natural rest and recuperation. How it works: NightWave Sleep Assistant projects a soft blue light into your darkened bedroom. The soft "luminance" of the light slowly rises and falls. Lie with eyes open and synchronize your breathing with the blue wave as its movement becomes slower and slower. After a short time, you roll over and fall asleep and NightWave Sleep Assistant shuts off. And best of all, the soft light does not disturb others.

Terry Says: Pace your breathing till you or your child gently drifts off to sleep.


Noise Reducing Headphones

Noise? What noise? Turn every flight into an oasis of tranquility with our QuietFlight Noise-Reducing Headphones. Enjoy the quiet or listen to your music without the roar of jet engines. These lightweight, compact headphones provide up to 20dB of noise cancellation, reducing ambient sound in airplanes, trains, cars and on city streets. The padded headset and ear-cups are comfortable to wear for hours and deliver top quality audio (with three volume settings) when listening to in-flight movies or music from your CD, DVD or MP3 player. Includes a collar clip, 3.5mm plug, 2-prong adaptor, one AAA battery, and a black drawstring travel pouch. Also great for blocking out noise for studying.

Terry Says: Need complete quiet to study, focus or stay calm? These really help!


Seamless Socks (All Ages)

Do you or your child HATE the feel of seams in your socks? You're in luck! Handlinked seamless toe for ultimate comfort, 80% cotton, 15% nylon, 5% spandex. Sold in economical three-packs in your choice of colors - solid white three pack (no stripes), white with girl's stripes, white with multi colored stripes three pack, or white, navy, and gray three pack with coordinated stripe trim.

Terry Says: Solves a common sensory annoyance for children and adults.


Table Top Fountains

Who can't resist the calming sound of water flowing over rocks? Take nature inside and relax. Our gorgeous collection of tabletop fountains is made up of many different types of tabletop fountain styles, sizes and colors, to fit any taste and price budget. These stunning home fountains use all kinds of natural materials, such as copper, slate, stones, glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and more. There really is something for everyone here. A tabletop water fountain will add beauty to any room! Scroll down to find the fountain, or choose from any others you might desire.

Terry Says: Nothing is more calming than the sound of water gently flowing down a fountain.


Clothes Tag Covers

Getting annoying clothing tags off your back, booty and beyond! A great way to keep those itchy labels off your back. No more ripped out labels that leave a hole in your clothes. Or a ragged seam where you've cut off the pesky label, only leaving your skin even more itchy. GREAT FOR KIDS AND ADULTS who have sensory issues. Some of those irksome tags even contain relevant cleaning information that is best left in the garment. Well, stop scratching at the back of your neck and get a box of Hollywood Tag Tamers. And what if a day should come when you want to send that worn once jersey number off to resale? Magically covers annoying clothing tags. Choose the correct size Tag Tamer™, remove backing and place directly over your annoying tags.

Terry Says: Brilliant! No more scratchy necks; no more ripped shirts from pulled off tags.


Pouchee Ultimate Purse Organizer

Moving your belongings from bag to bag has never been easier! Hate to change bags because you dread transferring all your belongings? The Pouchee Purse Organizer makes it quick and easy! Just fill your Pouchee with your "must haves," then transfer it from bag to bag. This durable cotton canvas pouch has 8 outside pockets and 5 inside pockets; plenty of room for necessities like checkbook, wallet, phone, sunglasses, cosmetics, and more. Accented with silver-tone handles and ribbon trim.

Terry Says:


DVD Aquarium

Soothing... DVD Aquarium Widescreen (shot in HD) turns your Plasma, LCD, OR TV into a vibrant and colorful Aquarium. Choose between four high quality and beautiful freshwater or saltwater tanks. Choose between nature sounds or a relaxing lounge / ambient music. Shot using the latest high definition technology, DVD Aquarium Widescreen offers extraordinary realistic and sharp pictures compared to other HD and non HD titles. Shot lifesize with a 42 inch aquarium, the fish will be of actual size on a 42 inch TV and appear very lifelike. You'll notice the quality difference with the four incredible aquariums sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party. The DVD includes Auto-Loop for continuous play.

Terry Says: Sooth the most irritated and anxious child or adult. Relax…ahhh!


Echoes of Nature CD

Do you or your child have a tough time falling asleep? Do you crave the sounds of nature to help you calm down and relax? Look no more... This CD collection contains relaxing nature sounds including: deep woods, songbirds, frogs and crickets, ocean waves, rain, sparkling water ...and more. I actually bought this for my daughter when she was having a tough time shutting down for the night. We lay together, relaxing till she drifted off. It was great! Great for all ages.

Terry Says: If you can’t be outside, bring calm nature sounds inside.


Pzizz (Digital Nap/Sleep Aide)

This is amazing. If you're not sure, at least download the demo and see for yourself. I almost fell asleep after 2 minutes of listening. Pzizz is a non-invasive solution to those of us with sleep problems. Pzizz Napping Software combines Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), enchanting music, sound effects, and a binaural beat to coax a wonderfully relaxed state in the listener; a state similar to the REM stage of sleep. Pzizz technology incorporates Michael Breen’s voice, one of the World’s foremost NLP Master Trainers, to guide users through the modules, and provide all of the benefits of positive suggestion in a private session. Each play of this uniquely mixed recipe improves sleep, creativity, concentration, memory, work performance, energy levels, skin conditions, and general health.

Terry Says: I use this to nap/fall asleep- it really works! Download to your iPod or CD, too.


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