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Do Your Chores Notepad

Division of labor is the most hotly contested aspect of shared living. When chore assignments are written down, however, the responsibilities are indisputable. Publicly display who's doing what with this handy pad, suitable for all manner of household! Magnet on the back allows for easy refrigerator mounting. Works for kids and grownups, families and roommates like! Includes 60 sheets per pad.

Terry Says: Remove yourself from the chore battles; hand a sheet to your child, instead.

The Better Behavior Wheel

A POSITIVE way to help your child maintain good behavior.

Your Wheel is a board 7 x 10 inches in size. It comes with a set of 64 consequences on peel and stick paper. 48 are consequences relating to common mis-behaviors that most families experience in the home from time to time. It also comes with 16 rewards for when your child is especially good. Sit down with your child and mutually agree on which consequences should be placed on the disks. (Use those provided or make up your own from a list provided on extra blank disks included) When your child mis-behaves, it's time to step up to the Wheel.

Terry Says: A really fantastic way to help your child improve his behaviors through positive methods.

Arcade Crane Game

A Great behavioral tool! They behave, and they earn a prize.

Tabletop Crane Game plays authentic arcade music as children use 3 joysticks to grab prizes inside. Music even speeds up when time is running out. Use included funny money or turn the toy into a bank with real coins. Prizes pictured inside game sold separately. Dual power option: requires 3 "D" batteries, or use included AC adapter. Size 9.5"l x 7.5"w x 13.5"h.

Terry Says: Reward your child when he behaves by letting him win a prize using this popular arcade game.

Magnetic Responsibility Chart

Brightly colored and interactive, the Magnetic Responsibility Chart encourages children as they learn important lessons about responsibility. Including 134 magnetic wooden pieces that depict chores, behaviors and rewards, the chart also comes with four blank pieces that can be personalized. Kids will love picking their own "magnetic wooden sticker" rewards when their chores are complete; a dry-erase surface allows them to add notes and drawings. Complete with hanger, the chart can also be folded in half for easy storage and transport.

Terry Says: Kids will love picking their own "magnetic wooden sticker" rewards when their chores are complete.

"I Can Do It" Reward Chart

Positive Parenting works best for children with ADHD. There are 20 different, colorful chores and behaviors to choose from in your chart! It has strong magnetic strips to hold it securely to any metal surface, like your refrigerator. The sturdy plastic stars and chores attach easily with hook and loop circles. Colorful pictures aid young children in understanding the tasks. Supplemental chore packages are available so that the chart grows with your child.

Terry Says: Earn stars with good behaviors in a clear, helpful way kids will respond to.

Simply Organize Your Kids (booklet download)

Are you tired of tripping over toys? Are your mornings chaotic? Do you feel like a chauffer rather than a parent? This is your solution to controlling kid clutter! As a mother and a professional organizer, I highly recommend this information for gaining control of your kids' clutter! -- Barbara Myer

Terry Says: Tons of tips to help you organize your children’s “stuff.”

Time Timer: Visually See Elapsed Time

Time Timer 8" Time Timer Helps achieve better time management by allowing people to see elapsed time in sound-sensitive environment. Time exercises, teaching sessions, meetings, homework, etc. HOW MUCH TIME IS LEFT?? The Time Timer works as a VISUAL way to display how much time is left. To set the timer, move the red disk to the desired interval. The disk diminishes as time elapses until no red is visible. Timer is battery operated (batteries not included).

Terry Says: A VISUAL way to display how much time is left.

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