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Mail Sorter

It's not uncommon for mail to be unceremoniously dumped on to a hall table or the kitchen counter and ignored; the problem is that these small, semi-organized piles can grow into one giant heap. Before you know it, you've lost track of bills, important correspondence, and notices and have to spend more time than you'd like sifting through the heap to find what you need. The Mail.sorter™ comes with four pre-labeled slots for placing incoming mail or school or work correspondence: notice me, respond to me, read me, pay me, and contains a side compartment for catalogs and magazines. Features a wide format that contains all letter shapes and sizes easily.

Terry Says: I want one! I'll blog about the mail nightmare.
BOX4BLOX Lego Organizer

Finally! The perfect solution for keeping all those Lego pieces organized! And guess what? It's FUN to do! The BOX4BLOX is comprised of four individual plastic trays and a lid. The top yellow tray has a large grid, the blue tray a medium grid, the red tray a small grid with the bottom green tray having a solid base. The Lego blocks are placed in the top tray and by sifting the Legos through this series of grids, they are automatically graded into a tray with similar sized blocks.

Terry Says: Picking up can be as fun as playing! Kids won't argue (finally!).
Organized Purse

Flight attendants share their secret. Years of travel experience have gone into the design of the Uptown Bagg. City-chic, it has all the organizational features you'd expect - and then some! Like the easy-to-reach mobile phone pocket, front pocket with credit card slots, and zippered back pocket. And the gusseted main compartment is conveniently outfitted with a key fob, detachable ID/coin purse, and lipstick and pen holders. All in lightweight, water resistant nylon with a 52" adjustable strap. Variety of colors. Get organized now!

Terry Says: Holds all your essentials: no more bottomless pit. You *can* tame your purse clutter.

Grocery store, dry cleaners, bank, post office, pharmacy, book store, and on and on. Sometimes it can feel like errands run us, rather than the other way around. Take back control with the Errand.pad™, which makes it easy to prioritize the laundry list and even identify those errands others might run for you.

Terry Says: No more running out of the house only to forget ½ your errands.
Greeting Card Organizer

Greeting cards are fun, but as the card-demanding occasions sneak up on you, it just leads to stress, chaos and poor quality cards. Now breathe easy with the greeting card organizer. It not only has a place for recipients' addresses and a calendar to record all the key dates like birthdays and anniversaries, it also stores up to 240 greeting cards so you'll always have just the right card at the ready. Throw in greeting card tips and a tracker for all the cards you've sent, and you've got a compact package that'll make sending out cards stress-free, easy and convenient.

Terry Says: If you forget important events, this is a lifesaver. Always have a card handy!
Homebase Digital Message Center

With the Audiovox Homebase Digital Message Center and Digital Picture Frame we have taken the digital picture frame and cranked it up a notch.... Or three. We started with a sharp, bright 7-inch LCD digital picture frame, with enough memory to hold over 125 high resolution pictures. Then wrapped it in an erasable white board, with a magnetic border for notes, coupons, and more. There's even a little slot for a Post-it pad. The Homebase also features a built-in microphone, for recording voice messages. Accessories include dry erase marker, Post-it note pad and color matching wire management strip to match your refrigerator color.

Terry Says: Leave notes, reminders for the entire family in an area (kitchen!) for all to see.
Mini Business Card File Cabinet

Holds Business Cards & Tells Time! Desk-top conversation starter is a scaled down replica of an office filing cabinet! Complete with LCD clock/calendar and A-Z index cards (included) to organize over 800 business cards in two drawers. Measures 4 1/4" W x 5 7/8" D x 6.13" H.

Terry Says: A novel, fun way to manage all those business cards cluttering up your purse.
The Overland Purse

Saturday's to do list: grocery store, take kids to soccer practice, volunteer at the museum, find new running shoes, meet with walking group in the park...When your day is overrun by errands, you simply don't have the time or desire to live out of multiple bags. The Donner can live up to your to-do-list-life, keep you hydrated, and be spontaneous too. Comes ins a Variety of colors.

Terry Says: A place for all your essentials so that they don't disappear into a bottomless black pit.
Purseket: Multi-Pocket Purse Organizer

I love these! Organize your purse! There's one for just about any size purse, handbag, tote, beach bag, basket, satchel, valise, sac, sto-away, drawer, desk organizer. This is THE BEAUTY OF SIMPLICITY. A removable, flexible panel of pockets designed to organize your bags and baskets. It shapes to the sides of the container -no bulky features- actually opens up space. Purseket works even in divided bags and totes. Works better than the dividers. When the Purseket is inserted and loaded, the center space of bag is clear for your Wallet and larger items, like a make-up case, or large date book. Lose your keys??

Terry Says: A stylish way to keep your purses organized. I use these!

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