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Virtual AD/HD Conference™

The Virtual AD/HD Conference™ is AD/HD-friendly! You can pick and choose from tons of sessions. Attend them all, or just a few—your choice! You can miss the live sessions and catch a recording later. You can participate from the comfort of your own living room, kitchen, office, or anywhere else you like. You can save a bundle of cash. And, best of all, you can sleep in your own bed at the end of the day.

Terry Says: Hear the top ADHD experts in the world via your phone or computer. Sign up early to get registration discounts.


ADD Action Club™

Join ADD experts Terry Matlen and Tara McGillicuddy as we help guide you with personalized coaching support on how to attack the paper piles on your desk, set up time management systems so you can get to school/work on time, organize your home/work space, pay your bills on time, and much more...

Terry Says: Let me or colleague Tara McGillicuddy coach you online for a fraction of the cost of phone coaching.


Lumosity Brain Fitness Program

Lumosity is a brain fitness program which is designed to improve memory, attention and cognitive function through a series of web-based games and exercises. Developed by some of the leading neuroscientists in the country, Lumosity users have experienced clearer and quicker thinking, improved memory for names, numbers, directions, etc..., increased alertness and awareness,eElevated mood, and better concentration at work or while driving.

Terry Says: Improve memory and cognition online all while having fun! is a distance education source helping people affected by Attention Deficit Disorder learn more about Attention Deficit Disorder. We offer live TeleSeminars, a convenient ADD Audio Library, and ADD Coaching Programs. Live TeleSeminars are a great way to learn about Attention Deficit Disorder from leading experts. The ADD Audio Library offers the convenience of listening to the classes at any time. ADD Coaching Programs offer more in depth education and support.

Terry Says: Tara McGillicuddy offers live TeleSeminars with top ADHD experts. Tons of helpful topics.


Adult ADD BootCamp

Are you fed up with being disorganized? Are you tired of not being in control? Are you ready for a serious change? Are you willing to work to be in control of your projects, your home, your time, and your money? If you answered Yes then Adult ADD BootCamp- Organized and In Control may be right for YOU.

Terry Says: Got clutter? Disorganized? Get control of your life! . One-on-one personal help and group meetings weekly.


ADD Audio Library

Would you like to learn how live more effectively with Attention Deficit Disorder? Would you like to learn from expert ADD/ADHD Professionals? Would you like to be able to learn at your own convenience? If you answered YES to these questions then the ADD Audio Library Subscription is for you!

Terry Says: Download dozens of ADHD audio courses taught by top ADHD experts. (Check out my session on Survival Tips for Women with ADHD).


The ADD Book Club

Join Scott Lewis and Cindy Giardina, ADHD coaches, as we read a different helpful book about Adult ADHD each month. We will discuss the reading and how it helps and supports you as an Adult with ADHD. This program will help you follow through with your reading, while deepening your understanding of ADHD.

Terry Says: ADHD Book discussions led by top ADHD coaches, plus get support!


Planner Agenda Calendar for Kids

Is your child disorganized? Does he forget to write down his homework? Are her assignments written down incorrectly? Did he leave his math book at school - again? Introducing to The PAC-kit, a downloadable planner designed especially for kids that will help your child get organized - GUARANTEED!

Terry Says: Designed especially for kids that need organizational help; perfectly designed for the ADHD kiddo.


RoboForm Password Manager

This is the truth: I use this program every single day. I would be lost without it. Why? Because since I use the internet a LOT and because many sites require you to input your log in/password, this wonderful little program saves all of my info so that I don't have to remember log in info for every site I visit. And it does a LOT more. This program is free but will only save 10 passcodes. I use the Pro version, which saves an unlimited amount.

Terry Says: I use this every day to keep my computer passwords saved and protected.


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