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Hop Balls

Hop Balls improve gross motor skills! Now in 3 sizes! Giant hop balls from Italy are such fun to bounce on that kids will forget they're actually getting a healthy workout! Tough, heavyweight vinyl with non-slip, washable surface. Instructions included. Blue 26" Ball for ages 9 to 12, up to 100 lbs. Red 22" ball for ages 6 to 9, up to 75 lbs. Yellow 18" ball for ages 3 to 6, up to 50 lbs. Choose Blue, Red, Yellow.

Terry Says: Hyperactive kids love these! Keeps them calm and improves balance.


Spectrum Scooters (16")

The Spectrum scooters are made of a durable high-impact polyethylene with non-marring casters. Grasp inside the hand protectors to shield fingers and hands from other scooters during play. The best scooters on the market. Choice of color.

Terry Says: Improve motor planning, balance and coordination, all while having fun!


Belly Bumpers (48")

Turn your kids loose in Belly Bumpers™ and watch them become bumping, bouncing, colliding pinballs! Cushioned for safety. Made of heavy-duty vinyl with 2 molded plastic handles on top. Inflatable. Colors may vary. NOT TO BE USED IN WATER.

Terry Says: Let kids “bump out” their anger and frustration safely.


Bungee Jumper

The Bungee Jumper is the softest, safest, indoor/outdoor pogo bouncer ever invented! The safe, extra wide low base of high rebound foam is attached by an elastic tether to a super soft handle to make the Bungee Jumper incredibly easy to master and lots of fun to master. Learn to pogo up and down, do one handed stiffies, mule kicks, the Monkey Slap, and many other skate or snow board tricks. Ages: 5-12.

Terry Says: Great alternative to the pogo stick. Helps with motor planning, balance and coordination.


Fun Ride Deluxe

Let children and adults glide back and forth along the cable like an Olympic athlete or a soaring bird in flight! Ity's the perfect birthday, holiday, or anytime gift for that special someone. Simply attach the cable between two trees or other supports, grab the trolley handles and you're on your way . . . for the best Fun Ride™ of all! Weight limit: 225 lbs, steel crafted aircraft cable, hand grips, mounting platform design plan, 1 yr limited warranty, ride length: up to 70'.

Terry Says: Release your child’s excessive energy safely with this physical and fun activity.


I Never Forget A Face Memory Game

Help your child improve memory skills. A beautiful and challenging game for children. Made of extra sturdy laminated board. A guide to the children's countries of origin shown on the box bottom. Illustrations by Lizzie Rockwell. Ages 3 and up.

Terry Says: Help your child improve memory skills and face recognition with this super fun game.


Moon Shoes

Does your child need to MOVE? These spaced-out shoes give kids a fascinating idea of what it's like to walk on the moon in semiweightlessness. Providing the sensation that gravity's pull has been reduced, they're ''wearable trampolines'' that let kids jump and bounce like the Apollo astronauts and hone their balance and coordination skills. Non-skid treads provide sure footing on all kinds of earthly terrain. Adjustable nylon straps create a snug fit on both kid shoes and adult shoes up to men's size 9. Maximum weight is 180 lbs. Easy assembly required. For ages 7 and up.

Terry Says: Wearable trampolines! Jump and bounce like astronauts while improving balance and coordination.


The Wobbler

It's pure fun while it boosts balance and coordination. This game is so challenging and entertaining, everyone will want to play! It's modeled after the wobble board used by physical therapists to help develop balance, increase lower limb strength and overcome leg injuries. Use the blue base as one game—see if you can guide one ball from the outer ring through the gates into the central cup, then back to the outer ring. In another game, place the yellow three-hole tray atop the base and just try to place (and keep) one ball in each of the three holes.

Terry Says: Improve coordination and gross motor skills. Like having a private physical therapy session!


The Original Colorforms Set

Ok, the truth be known- this was one of my favorite toys of my childhood. It's remained a classic, for good reasons; anything you make just looks...good! Great for imaginative play, but also to improve eye/hand coordination and for tactile stimulation.

In 1951, the first Colorforms set was released, engaging children's imaginations and becoming an American favorite for over 50 years. This Original Colorforms Set is a replica of that first release, with versatile shapes that can be formed into a limitless number of creative pictures and colorful designs. The Colorform shapes easily attach to any glossy surface (two are included), allowing hours of imaginative play sets, games, puzzles and creative activities..

Terry Says: Improves fine motor skills while encouraging creativity. A classic!


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