Whether you're a company providing a service or have a product that serves the ADHD population, I can help promote it through many venues, including advertising opportunities on my website, in my newsletter, through social media such as Twitter and Facebook and through my many contacts in the ADHD community. Those include access to others with ADHD websites, blogs, newsletters, mailing lists, teleclasses, etc. In addition, I am available to act as an expert in the field via media tours, interviews, articles, blogs, social media and other promotional and web media activities.

Would you like to have your products/services seen by thousands of people who are interested in ADHD?
Because of my high visibility, I can:

  • Promote your service/product via many online venues, i.e.'s website, newsletter, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media
  • Write articles or blogs related to your product
  • Be available to represent you or your product to the media

Past and current clients include major pharmaceuticals, The Health Central Network, ADDitude Magazine, ADHD Experts on Call, non-profit organizations (ADDA, CHADD), Dr. Edward Hallowell, Sari Solden, M.S., CogMed, Lexicor, and many products available to help those with ADHD, many of which are or have been included on my website.

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