Haki Stress Ball

The Haki Stress Ball is a pretty awesome stress reliever. This unique office toy is made from sheared off rubber bands that feel really cool in your hand. The two loops built into the ball make it a great toy to fidget with.

Terry Says: Fidgets help you focus! Also helps alleviate skin picking impulse.


Silver Fidget Spin Ring: rose design

This sterling silver ring is the perfect solution for keeping fidgety hands busy. The middle band spins! Keep your focus while fiddling with your ring. Perfect for business meetings, lectures and more. Beatiful rose design.

Terry Says: Stay calm and focused during boring activities by spinning away.


Fidget Putty: Extra Soft

Need to keep your fingers busy? Check out this special putty that does not harden; it maintains its consistency. This particular one is of medium/ soft consistency.

Terry Says: Sensory experience to help you or your child stay calm and focused.


Mondo Spaghetti Ball

Soft, stretchy strands of extra long hyper flex material produce cool sensations as they run through your client's fingers. Colorful balls are safe and easy to grasp, pull and toss. Use as a tactile tool or encourage eye-hand coordination and gross motor activities. Assorted colors.

Terry Says: Stay calm and focused doing homework or boring paperwork.


Worm Stress Ball

SThe Worm Stress Ball is a translucent ball with colorful, funny, friendly worms inside. Does that sound weird? Well, it is! Which is what makes the Worm Stress Ball a great stress reliever. The worms will squish and slide around through your fingers creating lots of stress relieving fun.Worm Stress Ball Details: 2.5" diameter. Soft rubber outside with colorful worms inside.

Terry Says: A great stress reliever for all ages, but kids in particular will love the gross worms inside.


Sumo Wrestler Squeezie

Melt your stress away with this jolly soul!! Measures approx. 4" Tall and Belly to Butt 2-1/2" Wide.

Terry Says: It’s hard for kids and adults to sit still. Grab a Sumo and you’ll calm down.


Slinky Jr.

Everyone loves a Slinky®! This smaller version is perfect for cluttered desks or children's hands. The original spring toy is famous with children of all ages, all over the world. It stretches, snaps back, makes a "slinkity sound."

Terry Says: Great for keeping busy fingers out of trouble.


E-Z Pop Beads

I remember pop beads from growing up in the 60's. This kit contains hundred of beads in bright colors and fun shapes. Pop them together and instantly make funky necklaces and bracelets. Pop them apart and make something new and different. Ages 6 and up.

Terry Says: Love popping bubbles? Alleviate stress while encouraging creativity.


Molecule Stress Ball

The Molecule Stress Ball is sure to light up even the dullest of workspaces. This neat stress ball flashes when you squeeze it. The flashing Molecule Stress Ball has a light module inside that blinks for about 20 seconds. There are different colored balls inside a smooth rubber skin that move around as you play with the stress ball. The tri-color flashing lights and the coolness of this ball make it extremely irresistible. Molecule Stress Ball Details: approximately 2.75” diameter, clear rubber skin with colorful rubber balls inside. Squeeze the module to turn on the lights. After about 20 seconds or so, the lights turn off.

Terry Says: One of my best selling fidgets- calms, focuses and helps you concentrate.


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