As a respected leader in the field of ADHD, I am passionate about educating and supporting those wanting to learn more about themselves and the condition in general. Exciting new research and treatment options are expanding rapidly and it's my mission and passion to stay abreast of the latest findings.

To help you keep abreast of the latest up to date information in the field of ADHD, I have developed services specifically tailored to the needs of ...

  • Women with ADHD and moms with ADHD, whose children may or may not have ADHD as well.
  • Media outlets that want to understand and explain the implications of recent ADHD developments, especially as they pertain to women with ADHD and moms with ADHD.
  • Industry professionals seeking strategies for communicating with ADHD individuals or the media.

Understanding, coping with, and discussing ADHD does not have to be difficult. I know; I live with ADHD every day.

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