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Survival Tips for Women with AD/HD
Terry Matlen

Terry Matlen has gone directly to the source to bring an outstanding compilation of practical solutions to everyday problems for women with AD/HD. Her contributors include a global network of clever, creative women with AD/HD, as well as premier AD/HD experts, coaches, and professional organizers.

Terry Says: My book offers hundreds of tips written by women from all over the world.
Women with Attention Deficit Disorder
Sari Solden

Every year, millions of withdrawn little girls and chronically overwhelmed women go undiagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder because they don't fit the stereotypical profile: they’re not fast-talking, hyperactive, or inattentive, and they are not male. Sari Solden’s groundbreaking study reveals that ADD affects just as many women as men, and that the resulting depression, disorganization, anxiety, and underachievement are also symptoms of ADD.

Terry Says: The "Bible" of ADHD in women. Sari has been my long time mentor. A must-have.
Journeys Through ADDulthood
Sari Solden

Solden, who herself has ADD and is the author of Women with Attention Deficit Disorder, believes that many adults, whether diagnosed or not, are suffering needlessly from ADD symptoms, which include difficulty focusing on certain tasks, meeting deadlines, and interacting with people. Solden describes the frustration of several people who seemingly "fail" in job after job because of the symptoms of ADD and describes her own "absentmindedness" and disorganization.

Terry Says: What happens after you've been diagnosed and started treatment? The journey has just begun.
Understanding Women With AD/HD
Kathleen G. Nadeau (Editor), Patricia O. Quinn (Editor)

This landmark book brings together a broad field of experts to create a much needed and long-overdue book on the issues unique to women with AD/HD. Whether you are a woman who suspects that she has AD/HD, or a professional that wants to better diagnose and treat women with AD/HD, this book is designed with you in mind.

Terry Says: A Comprehensive look at the many facets of women living with ADHD.
Understanding Girls With AD/HD
Kathleen G. Nadeau, Ellen Littman, Patricia O. Quinn

A ground-breaking book on the needs and issues of girls with attentional problems: why they are often undiagnosed, how they are different from boys, and what their special needs are in school, in their social world and at home. Age-related checklists from pre-school to high school help parents and professionals better identify and help girls with AD/HD.

Terry Says: What about girls? Little is written on this important topic.
Too Loud, Too Bright, Too Fast, Too Tight: What to Do If You Are Sensory Defensive in an Overstimulating World
Sharon Heller

Do clothing labels bother you so much that you have to remove them? Do you find many different foods repulsive? Do loud, sudden, or piercing sounds startle you? Do you need to wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day? Do you feel panicky going down an escalator or driving through a tunnel? If the answer to many of these questions is yes, you may suffer from sensory defensiveness, a common but often misdiagnosed condition that results from adverse reactions to what most people consider harmless sensations.

Terry Says: ADHD and hypersensitivities often travel together. Learn about why things bug you!
Attention, Girls!: A Guide to Learn All About Your AD/HD
Dr. Patricia Quinn

This is the first book written for 'tween' girls (ages 7-11) who have ADD/ADHD. It offers girls, their parents, and professionals practical tips and techniques for managing attention disorders and the many aspects of life that these disorders can affect. It was written in an engaging style that doesn't 'talk down' to girls. It is packed with useful and empowering lessons that are simple to apply.

Terry Says: Written for 'tween girls with helpful guidance and resources.

Moms With ADD: A Self-Help Manual
Christine Adamec

Moms with ADD is a refreshing, easy-to-navigate book and a must-have for any mom touched by attentional difficulties. Ms. Adamec gently guides the reader through all aspects of ADD motherhood, offering tips, strategies and guidelines--whether it's on how to live through the early months with a crying baby, talking to your teenager, or finding a summer camp for an ADD child. Best of all, she allows the reader to let go of the "ideal" mother we often compare ourselves to and instead celebrates with us the positives of having ADD: creativity, spontaneity, and sensitivity.

Terry Says: If you're a mom with ADHD, this book will help you survive the many challenges we face.
ADDitude Magazine
Published Seasonally

The Happy, Healthy Lifestyle Magazine for People With ADD The nation's first consumer and lifestyle magazine for people with Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder and an important resource for parents and teachers meeting the challenges of this disability. Includes articles by top medical journalists and celebrity success stories. One of the best resources out there for all things AD/HD. Subscribe today!

Terry Says: Full of articles and resources written by some of the top ADHD experts in the country.
Driven To Distraction : Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood
Edward Hallowell MD, John Ratey MD

Through vivid stories of their patients' experiences, Drs. Hallowell and Ratey now offer a comprehensive overview of one of the most controversial psychiatric diagnoses of our day. They show the varied forms ADD takes -- and the transforming impact of precise diagnosis and treatment. And, as successful professionals who are both living with ADD, they extend a message of hope and compassion to all listeners struggling with ADD in their own lives or in the lives of loved ones.

Terry Says: The groundbreaking book that opened the door to understanding ADHD in adults. A must-read.
Fidget to Focus
Roland Rotz Ph.D, Sarah Wright MS

Until now, the only way you could learn about the Fidget to Focus approach to successfully living with and managing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) was to attend a national conference. The groundbreaking ideas in this book, based on the personal experiences of hundreds of people and recent breakthroughs in neuroscience, will change the way you live with this disorder. Fidget to Focus is a guide to keeping your brain engaged and focused with tools and techniques available to you at any time (workbook included!).

Terry Says: A fascinating book on how fidgeting is GOOD for you and your kids.
How to Reach and Teach Add/Adhd Children: Practical Techniques, Strategies, and Interventions for Helping Children With Attention Problems and Hyperactivity
Sandra F. Rief

For educators, specialists, and parents, here is a remarkable new resource packed with classroom-tested techniques and practical know-how for helping children with attention deficit disorders--with or without hyperactivity. Focusing on the "whole child" and a team approach that lets you guide these children toward academic as well as personal success, the book shows you...

Terry Says: Not sure how to help your ADHD child in school? Look no more- this has it all.
Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder: A Family Guide to Understanding & Supporting Your Sensory-Sensitive Child
Christopher R. Auer, Susan L. Blumberg

Kids with sensory processing disorder SPD may seem unduly sensitive to physical sensations, light, and sound, and they may react strongly to sensory events that adult and other children take in stride or totally ignore. SPD can make it hard for kids to do well in school, participate in social events, and live peaceably with other family members. Until now there have been only limited resources for parents of kids with this condition, but in this book a child advocate and child psychologist offer this comprehensive guide to parenting a child with SPD and integrating his or her care with the needs of the whole family.

Terry Says: Does your child have meltdowns when he's on sensory overload? This book will help you and your child.
Taking Charge of ADHD: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents
Dr. Russell Barkley

Featuring step-by-step methods for managing a child with ADHD in a variety of everyday situations, this authoritative book includes the latest information on available medications, numerous techniques for enhancing a child's school performance, and a special section devoted to the needs of the parents.

Terry Says: Leading scientist helps you help your child manage all kinds of difficult behaviors.
Teenagers with ADD and ADHD: A Guide for Parents and Professionals
Chris A. Zeigler Dendy

Parents, educators, and health professionals rely on this best selling guide to understand and cope with teenagers with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). With a positive outlook, this book covers symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, accommodations, advocacy, legal rights, family & school life, and options after high school. Appropriate interventions are discussed for troubling behaviors such as sleep disturbances, learning problems, depression, and driving problems. Abundant anecdotal information provide insight and advice to successfully navigate the teenage years.

Terry Says: Raising teens is hard enough. But teens with ADHD? This book will help!
The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond
Donna Goldberg (Author), Jennifer Zwiebel (Contributor)

Hands-on strategies for teaching your disorganized child how to organize for school success! The overstuffed backpack, the missing homework, the unused planner, the test he didn't know about. Sound familiar? When the disorganized child meets the departmentalized structure of middle school, everything can fall apart. Even the academically successful child will start to falter if she misses deadlines, loses textbooks, or can't get to class on time.

Terry Says: A fantastic "how-to" book to help your ADHD student get organized.
ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life
Judith Kolberg, Kathleen Nadeau

ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life is a long overdue response to the needs of adults with attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. It deals directly and exclusively with the greatest challenge that adults with AD/HD face: the problem of disorganization. Once considered a disorder of childhood, we now know that AD/HD is a lifespan disorder and taking charge of one's life to achieve quality of life in the wake of this disorder requires organization. The authors, uniquely qualified within their diverse backgrounds as therapist and professional organizer, come together to offer clear organizing habits that are musts for adults with AD/HD.

Terry Says: One of my top sellers- easy to read solutions to your ADHD organizational headaches.
Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction
Dr. Geraldine Markel

"Defeating the 8 Demons of Distraction," has proven strategies to increase productivity and decrease stress. Are distractions sabotaging your efforts to get ahead? Do you feel like you're constantly plagued by technology or interruptions by others? Lurking around us are forces labeled demons that interrupt our flow of attention and psychic energy and it's time to fight back! This book is designed to arm workforce employees, independent professionals, and family managers with simple, yet powerful strategies to defeat the 8 Demons of Distraction. Whatever your special life circumstances, you can use this book to reduce everyday distractions and needless mistakes.

Terry Says: Step-by-step strategies to fight distractions so you can get things done.
Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD
Jennifer Koretsky

In her new book, Odd One Out: The Maverick’s Guide to Adult ADD, Jennifer Koretsky defies conventional wisdom about ADD, explores the ways in which adult ADD can be both challenging and rewarding, and reveals why this difference offers a remarkable advantage. Developed through her own personal experience as an adult with ADD and her years as a professional ADD coach, Jennifer has isolated The Five Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD, and she shows you exactly how to build and implement these skills in your own life. This revolutionary new book doesn’t just tell you about these skills; it provides a roadmap to success.

Terry Says: Follow the 5 Essential Skills for Managing Adult ADD.
The Disorganized Mind: Coaching Your ADHD Brain to Take Control
Nancy Ratey Ed.M. MCC

For the millions of adults diagnosed with ADHD The Disorganized Mind will provide expert guidance on what they can do to make the most of their lives. The inattention, time-mismanagement, procrastination, impulsivity, distractibility, and difficulty with transitions that often go hand-in-hand with ADHD can be overcome with the unique approach that Nancy Ratey brings to turning these behaviors around.

Terry Says: A leader in the field offers a roadmap for managing your ADHD.
Is It You, Me, or Adult A.D.D.? Stopping the Roller Coaster When Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder
Gina Pera

Gina Pera has written a stunning book that should be a must-read for all couples where one or both partners have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. Combining her own experiences, a thoughtful synthesis of the clinical and research literature, and a creative study of her own design, she has grasped the complex ways in which ADHD affects relationships and has translated her comprehensive expertise into a highly readable and extraordinarily helpful guide.

Terry Says: Learn how ADHD impacts relationships and what you can do to improve yours.
What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don't? Social Skills Help for Adults With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Michele Novotni, Randy Petersen

Focusing on social skills training for adults with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders (AD/HD), this book offers solutions for tackling behavior that is often inattentive, impulsive, and hyperactive. Advice is given on how to handle common social problems such as manners, etiquette, communication, subtext, listening, and interpersonal relationships. The format of the book is designed for AD/HD learning styles and includes true stories, practical exercises, and tips that keep those with AD/HD reading. Adults with AD/HD learn how to identify behaviors in themselves that can cause problems in social relationships.

Terry Says: A classic and must-read for adults needing help with social skills.
You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?!: The Classic Self-Help Book for Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder
Michele Novotni, Randy Petersen

With over a quarter million copies in print, You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid or Crazy?! is one of the bestselling books on attention deficit disorder (ADD) ever written. There is a great deal of literature about children with ADD. But what do you do if you have ADD and aren't a child anymore? This indispensable reference -- the first of its kind written for adults with ADD by adults with ADD -- focuses on the experiences of adults, offering updated information, practical how-tos and moral support to help readers deal with ADD.

Terry Says: One of the first books I read on ADHD and still refreshing and helpful for adults touched by ADHD.
Finding a Career That Works for You: A Step-by-Step Guide to Choosing a Career and Finding a Job
Wilma R. Fellman

Updated Second Edition of Finding a Career That Works for You with special forward by Richard Nelson Bolles, (author of best-selling, What Color is Your Parachute?) will become a treasured guide for people who are in the process of choosing a career and finding a job. Wilma Fellman helps readers better understand their interests, aptitudes, personality, and goals as the first steps in choosing a career. Then, she provides practical tips on how to find a job in a chosen field. She instructs readers in where to search for available jobs, the best ways to prepare a resume, how to write a cover letter, and how to make the best impression during a job interview.

Terry Says: I'm always asked: "What's the best job for someone with ADHD?". This book will help!
Finally Organized, Finally Free- for the home (eBook)
Instant Download from Get Organized Now!™

An amazing collection of 2,175 ideas, tips and techniques for organizing your home, your clutter, your time, your schedule, your money, your paper, your family and much more! Clutter-control tips for every room in the house. Time management systems to help you gain extra hours in your day. Super ways to organize the paper monsters in your life. Ideas and systems to keep you motivated, and so much more! 8 1/2 x 11 format. Easy to read type. 85 chapters - 405 pages.

Terry Says: Another one of my top sellers. Download this today and get started on organizing your home, office... your life!

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