Are you looking to lose 5, 15, 20 or 100 pounds or more? Let's coach each other by sharing our own strategies and supporting each other's efforts.

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Since I started this, I'll share my own issues.

Every winter, I gain weight. Not just 5 pounds. Way more. And each spring, I get motivated to lose it. But as I get older, it's harder and harder. My issue is that I hate, no...HATE winter...and shut down in a lot of ways. I stop exercising (I walk/jog) because of the cold and become a carb addict. Cookies and Chinese Food calm my ADHD brain. But at what price?

I'm in my 5th week of dieting and have lost 14 pounds.


My strategy? I order Seattle Sutton food. It's ADHD friendly in that there is no shopping, no measuring, no planning. Nothing. You just eat what they give you, and it's actually not bad. The bigger problem is the cost. But the way I look at it is that it's a temporary thing until my weight is down. And it turns out to be less expensive than carry-out or eating out throughout the week. 


There! That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


How about you? What is your personal weight battle? Are you ready to face it and get started on improving your health by getting that weight off?

Share your story here and let's help each other become successful!

Well, I've never posted on these boards before, I'm new to them, but here goes nothing!


I too am fighting too much weight. I've recently started a VERY low does of medication for my newly diagnosed ADHD, and it has helped with impulse eating a bit. At the very least, I am now *aware* when I'm eating things I don't need to. The plus side is that now I can make a conscious choice and have control over my body. The minus is I don't always make the right choices!!


I think the 2 things that would help me most is planning and CARRYING OUT some menu plans (a new concept, ha ha!) and also making time for exercise. I'm a SAHM of 3 kiddos, the youngest being 3 years old and home with me all day. However, I'm trying to walk the kids home from school more now that the weather is getting nicer. (We live far enough away that we get a bus, but close enough that it's a nice walk.) Also, there are local Zumba classes nearby, so I need to convince myself I'm worth finding an extra $5 every so often to go!


Thank you for starting this up! I look forward to hearing how others are facing this journey!

Welcome, Lisa! Are you a member here? Or did you see my Twitter post?

Planning and carrying out the plan is hard and even harder when you're home all day with a 3 year old. It's so easy to grab a cookie (or 2 or 3)!

Walking to school is a great start. I'm actually walking the dog each day, now that the rain here has temporarily stopped.

How about starting a list of meals you can make that are diet-friendly?

Hello! Thank you for the welcome! I had signed up before but never got around to browsing. The link on Twitter for this topic brought me back! I'm still very new to this world (I became "official" not even 2 months ago) and am trying to muddle though all sorts of information!


I went a few days really being aware of what I was eating and making good choices. Then I had a few days of junk eating and WOW! I realized that I had felt wonderful the first half of that week! Just realizing that has made it easier to rethink my decisions. However, our house is full of junk food/chocolate (given to us by family). That's making it a bit tricker. Once it's gone (and I'm starting to just toss handfuls of it!) we'll go back not buying it, so I won't eat it!


Dinners aren't bad; my husband is a meat and potato type of guy! All I need to do is a veggie for the kids and I. They're happy with raw veggies and ranch dressing or hummus, but (surprise surprise!) I tend to get a bit bored with that! Lunches I tend to have a nice big spinach salad and a type of grain. Breakfast is trickier but doable. Portion control and planning out snacks is probably my biggest problem. If I can just WRITE DOWN what I"m going to eat, I think that would help. How many times do I have a plan, then forget about it until I'm 1/2 way done with a meal/snack!


Still, just knowing that others struggle does help. And most of the things that my friends do (counting calories, for instance) are quite frankly impossible for me! I'm looking forward to hearing other ideas of people more on the same wavelength as myself!


It sounds to me like you've got a good start. You seem to have a good understanding of healthy eating! I will be promoting this forum little by little so we can get more people involved. : )

Here's some reasearch showing the association between ADHD and obesity:

Association between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder sympto...


Wow Terry! You are a girl after my own heart! I am actually planning to get my certification as a Lifestyle and Weight Management coach soon, and wanted to work with women with "mental health" issues, I use that in quotations because ADHD is technically a mental health problem, but we all know that it doesnt mean we are "crazy" like some people associate with the term mental health disorders. So this is right where I want to be :D


As far as my weight issues, I was always a reasonable weight, but not because I had any idea about healthy eating...then I got married and had various other stresses and mental health issues and after a few years got diagnosed with ADHD and got on meds, but at that point I had already gained 120 lbs! So after the diagnosis, things slowly got better, and now three years later and med free (except for the ADHD meds, I couldnt get off those...I tried and it was torture) I have gotten all the "head issues" sorted out (I firmly believe that diet and weight related issues are probably 75-90% psychological and the weight is just a symptom of bigger unresolved issues underneath) and have lost 55 lbs in the last 6 months and at my lowest weight in four years. It has given me a new understanding in the role of weight issues in the lives of women, especially those with co-existing mental health problems and how that affects every area of our lives and our confidence and self esteem and all those things, and really has given me a greater passion for the work than I had before this. I was going to go into mental health counseling, but I think this is a better fit for me.

Its hard work, but its so worth it! One thing that I noticed in my own journey was that a lot of undiagnosed food allergies and sensitivities were responsible for my cravings and anxiety and stress a lot more than I ever imagined. Gluten in particular was a very serious problem for me. I have severe mood swings and extreme irritability and anxiety when I eat it, and I thought that it was just "me" but it had nothing to do with that at all. I have since pretty much eliminated most grains (I am gluten free and low carb, so thats basically grain free because any low carb grains are usually gluten containing) but I feel a million times better and have lost a good bit of its working for me!


Good luck to both of you and I cant wait to hear more about this :)

It's good to know that others are fighting the same issues. I have been overweight for most of my life and spent many years being obese. I bought a wii fit and used it for walking daily and lost 40 lbs. last year. I became a little obsessive about the whole thing and backed off for awhile. I have put about 12 pounds back on and it just doesn't want to go away. My 6 year old bought a bike yesterday, so we have both gotten good exercise for two days in a row. I'm hoping to make it a habit. I have lousy eating habits. If I only eat when I am hungry, I can pretty much eat anything and be healthy. The trouble is, I eat for lots of reasons: nervous energy, inability to make a decision, frustration, etc. I have had times when emptying the refrigerator into my mouth is the only way I can feel like I have accomplished anything in a day. I'm new around here and not sure I'll remember to come back...
Well, had a little set-back due to Mother's Day, but back on track now! How's everyone doing?

Hi Terry ~ I really need help in this department. I've been on several programs before but always put the weight back on. I got very discouraged dealing with the whole thing. I got to one point (this was before ADD dx) that I almost started down an eating disorder path. What kept me from it was what I'd seen of others reported on TV shows and God speaking to my mind that that I was heading in that direction. Weighting myself on the scale became an obsession, and I went cold turkey doing that and also dropped out of the formal weight loss program I was attending. I do weigh myself every so many months as I'm afraid to go over a certain poundage that would be higher then I'd ever have been in my life....also because I have high cholestrol which I am being medicated for.

I haven't tried to do any kind of weight loss since becoming medicated for ADD. On your program Terry are they also having you make some of your own food? If they have vitamins be sure to take them. I was on a prepacked plan and I think I was on it to long and took the vitamins haphazerdly and ended up losing some of my hair. Of course when that happened I stopped the program, though I found losing weight a bit easier on it but became to dependent on the prepacked food and didn't do the planning adhead and then make those meals, not surprising for an Undiagnosed ADDer. ~Marr

My computer was acting funny.... anyway I've maintained a well above what I should be for my health amount of weight, but I've also not gone beyond that ceiling I mentioned in the previous post. I really do need to do something to help get my weight down and have it at a comfortably maintainable level. But has anyone ever accomplished that besides Geneen Roth or Gywen Shamblin? I don't know if your familiar with either of their work. Both of their approaches have to do with natural hunger fullness eating. Gywen's also includes a God approach when dealing with head hunger (emotional hunger). The foundation for those approaches was good with me, but I lost my support group with that. 

I really could use some help with what works for ADDers. ~ Marr      P.S. I'm also doing better since I've been on medication. I'm on Strattera. I have so much more brain clarity then before. (You helped me see rediagnoses & was a diagnosed that was kept from me until after I said I had gotten retested. Thank you Terry for helping me.)

Hi Marrianne,

I think that we all have to find out own method that works for us and find support, like here! I chose Seattle Sutton because it is a no-brainer: no measuring, counting, keeping track, cooking, etc. They supply you with everything you need, except for two servings of skim milk (or other low/non fat dairy product). I haven't had any hair loss and this is my second or third round. My issue is more about keeping the weight off. That is a tough one!

I hope you can find support here and other suggestions here from others, too.

Keep us posted!


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